Spice it Up!- Authentic Sri Lankan Food in three easy steps!

The Spice it Up! range offers you a delicious array of Sri Lankan favourites made incredible easy to prepare. Simply season the fish, meat of veg with the spice mix, sauté, add coconut milk (or soy milk or water) and cook for a few minutes and there you have it – a deliciously authentic Sri Lankan dish. Our range includes favourites such as Fish Ambul Thiyal, Crab Curry, Pork Kalupol Curry and much much more!!

A Taste of Paradise

Sri Lankan cuisine is one of the most delicious and complex cuisines of South Asia. Renowned for its spices since ancient times, Sri Lanka attracted traders from all over the world. These early visitors to the island left their mark on its cuisine, as did the colonial powers who ruled it – the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British. The result is a rich diversity of cooking styles and techniques


Sri Lankan food has been most strongly influenced by its South Indian neighbours who also use chilli, cardamom, cumin, coriander and other spices. Yet Sri Lankan cuisine has its own distinctive taste, and uses ingredients like dried Maldive fish which are local to the area. A liberal use of a variety of chillies gives Sri Lankan food its delicious heat.

The Spice It Up! range brings you the very best of Sri Lankan cuisine made easy – so easy it can be prepared by anyone, anywhere. Enjoy!

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