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The Spice it Up! range is a collaboration between celebrity chef Koluu and the Rich Brand.

The Rich Brand

| The Rich Brand provides spices of the highest quality. It has been in the market for 22years and has been sold in supermarkets and to the Hotel and Catering Industry as well.

The Rich Brand sources its raw material from growers from the south of Sri Lanka and from the Matale and Kandy districts. A great benefactor to many a village economy, the Rich Brand buys many of its spices from women who produce them as a cottage industry. The company cleans, washes and dries the spices - thereby ensuring quality and consistency to the product. It has invested in modern packing and grinding equipment that minimizes wastage and improves energy efficiencies, thereby reducing the environmental impact.

The products have ISO 22000 certification, a testament to their high quality.

In the Spice it Up! range the Rich Brand provides a wonderfully convenient way to take Sri Lankan cuisine to dining tables around the world.

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